2/28/15: Nearing Completion…

…for Android.

Hi all, just an update on where we are with Fuzz Jump and where we’re headed. I assume if you’re here you know what Fuzz Jump is. If not… here’s the basics.

I’ve been in between projects at my job for the past 2 weeks so I’ve pretty much been Fuzz 24/7, which means I have more than a few updates…



Fuzz Jump is going to release with 5 levels at first. This will change in the future with holiday themed levels, but for now 5 seems like a reasonable amount. This past couple weeks we got the finalized art for the city level and implemented it in-engine, and I just want to say I think it looks great. This makes city, snow, rainforest, and sunny day complete, and desert on the way.


Not a huge change, but one worth mentioning is lobbies now start the game based on which map you’ve voted on. Also, they sync your game up with the server so everyone (almost, read below) starts at the same time. Lobbies are eventually going to be separate from the game servers, but for now the game server handles both lobbies and in-game processing. Our end goal is to have lobbies handled on Google’s AppEngine using Python and the server handled on their ComputeEngine using Ruby.


Gameplay was our main focus these past couple of weeks and it feels like we’re so close with finishing. buto far :(. We have implemented 4 of the 8 specials(still some tweaking to do on the completed ones) and they really add something to the game — it feels alive.

Minor changes to gameplay include a new physics system, animations, and particles (see the jetpack).


We were able to sync up players across multiplayer, which was one of the big headaches we’ve been having. Platforms still need to be synced, still unsure how we’ll approach that one. Our only idea would be to start the game based on a time sent from the server, but this can cause problems if client time ≠ server time (big headache :/).


Performance wasn’t a huge target for us this week, nonetheless it’s been improved. We optimized world updating a bit and got the game to run at a steady 61 fps across all of my devices. That’s pretty cool :).

We can definitely increase performance by doing on-demand processing/drawing of world actors, but it’s not a huge bottleneck right now so it’s at the bottom of our task list.


We completed the friends module last night. The only thing we need to finish is game invites and we can finalize the social aspect of Fuzz Jump!


I’m sure I’ve missed a few of my updates, but if I didn’t remember them off the top of my head they’re probably small. Moving forward in the next couple of weeks, we plan to get the rest of specials implemented, and the winners platform done. Once we finish that, it’s just going through the app and polishing up any minor flaws and Android should be done. Only took about ~6 months from conceptualizing the game to now.

After Android is done we have the awesome job of writing it for iOS… We’re exploring RoboVM, but performance with our last game Bloxxy was sub-par, and that was a SIMPLE game. Not to mention it adds about 20MB to your app. Writing for iOS should only take 1-2 months because the code base for Android is done so we know how everything should work. At least that’s how it worked with Bloxxy(2-3 months to write android… about 2 WEEKS to write iOS… that 2 weeks included learning Obj-C).

I start a new job on Monday, so updates for Fuzz Jump won’t be as frequent unless Steven has some stuff. Keep an eye out though!

Thanks for reading!



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